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Belize Sail-n-Cycle

Ride Details

Dates: Nov. 9-14, 2018 or Nov 9-19, 2018

Distance: to be determined

Cost: $2596- $4400 per person

Rider Level: Recreational

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Why Belize? Trying to make up your mind on why you should visit Belize? Right off the bat, if you like St. Maarten or Cancun, Belize is not for you. But if you like going a little bit off the beaten track to experience a unique adventure vacation, Belize may be just what you are looking for. Here is our list of the top reasons.

*Maya Ruins. Belize is chock full of Maya Ruins. I mean they are all over the place. A few have been excavated over the years so that Belizeans and visitors can enjoy them. As the cradle of the ancient Maya Civilization, Belize has literally more Maya Ruins per square mile than any other country. A couple of them are only a couple hundred yards off the main highway.

* Wildlife. Belize has a low population density. A little over 350,000 people living in an area slightly larger than El Salvador. There is little to no industrial development. Commercial activity is very slow. Yes, the country is seriously underdeveloped. The plus side of this reality is that there is so much bush and tropical rainforest available for wildlife to flourish. The government and people know this is an attraction for tourists and go out of their way to protect wild animals and birds so that you can enjoy them in their natural habitat.

*Superior Sailing oportunities. Next to The British Virgin Islands, the coastal waters of Belize are easily navigated and easily accessible from the continential US. Additional water sports, more than 100 accesssible off shore islands as well as the Belizian Great Barrier Reef are just a day sail away.

*Diving, Snorkeling and Water Sports. The world's 2nd largest barrier reef runs the entire length of Belize, starting with Quintana Roo, Mexico in the North, and ending in the south with border with Puerto Barrios Guatemala. It is as if the barrier reef was designed especially for Belize! This natural formation means that almost the entire coast of Belize is within protected waters – no big breakers here. But brave surfers and even para sailors can venture outside the reef for action. Between the reef and the coast you can find some of the best diving in the Caribbean. 

*The Great Blue Hole. This natural wonder is synonymous with the name Belize. Yes, the ocean has a hole in it, so distinctive it can be seen from outer space. This gigantic cave is about half a mile in diameter and was once inland. But it became part of the ocean millennia ago, then collapsed to make a spectacular sea hole some 500 feet deep. You would need a mini-sub to get all the way to the bottom! It is one of the biggest attractions for SCUBA divers, and even snorkelers who may just want to paddle around and say they have been in the Great Blue Hole. Wonderfully experienced and licensed Belezian dive operators are available for this tour. "The Hole " is 30 miles off the coast of Belize-about a 3 hour boat trip.

*The Weather. Belize is in the tropics, and of course the weather is warm almost year round making for an ideal vacation. Leave those bone chilling winters and frost behind! The average annual temperature is 84F (29C)

* Proximity to Guatamala, Mexico and Honduras make this a perfect opportunity to create an extended wonderful Cental American vacation.

Tour Details: November 9-14, 2018 or Nov 9-19, 2018 Please call for details.

Tour Logistics: Fly in and out of Belize City, with a shorter connecting flight into the southern coastal town of Placiencia. Arrive in Placencia on Nov 9 to stay in our pretour hotel in Placencia- Included in your tour. Departures will be determined by your optional tour packages. Please call for details before making airline reservations. Current passports are required.

Included :Transportation to and from the Moorings Yacht harbor in Placencia will be included in your tour package. Breakfast daily, lunches aboard the yacht and on the mainland and three dinners on board the yacht are included. Bike tour and Ruins tours of Lubaantun, Uxbenka and Rio Blanco Waterfalls on the mainland are included. Snorkeling gear, kayaks and paddleboards are included. Scuba tours are included in the 3rd optional pricing and will be operated through a local dive operator GoSeas Tours based in Placencia. Airfare, gratuities for your captain and tour guides, alcholic beverages and several dinners are not included in the quoted costs.


Option 1: $2596 per person ( or $5000 per cabin-2 people) for the 5 day sailing, snorkeling and water sport adventure.

Option 2$3500 per person, 7 day adventure to include the 5 day sailing adventure plus 2 days on the mainland with 1 mountain bike tour, Mayan ruins tour, The Monkey River Kayak tour and two evenings accommodations in the beachfront community of Placencia

Option 3:  $4400 per person for the full 10 day experience, including 5 days sailing, 2 days on mainland cycling, river kayaking, ruins tours and 2 days of off shore scuba or snorkling adventures and accommodations.

Your yacht will be a 48' Catamaran with instruction and leadership by Captain James Creasy. Two days mountain biking/beach cruising, touring Mayan ruins and 2 days of snorkling and scuba diving options amoung the cayes off shore of southern Belize will be guided by GoSeas Tours and Cycle of Life Adventures.

Call the office directly for more details: 303-945-9886 or email us for pretour registration at [email protected]