250 Reasons to Explore Transylvania County, NC
250 Reasons to Explore Transylvania County, NC

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250 Reasons to Explore Transylvania County, NC

Waterfalls in NC - Cycle of Life AdventuresSure, Cycle of Life Adventures does cycling vacations. But, we have found a small corner of North Carolina where cycling pro, George Hincapie, loves the terrific cycling. We enjoy it for the additional natural beauty, wildlife and bonus recreational activities.

With a name like ‘Transylvania County’, your first thoughts are vampires, evil beings and dark surroundings. To the contrary. This mountainous Appalachian community is home to stunning, raw, natural beauties that only God could create. There are more than 250 waterfalls in southwest North Carolina. It would take you years to hike to all of them.

In 2018, we will take our inaugural cycling and waterfalls tours to western North Carolina. In and around the small charming towns of Brevard, Highlands and Toxaway, there are waterfalls that are short hikes from easily accessible trailheads. The only State Park west of Asheville was created in 1999. Gorges State Park encompasses 10,000 acres of the Jocassee Gorges. Here you’ll find a dozen plus falls. Some are easily accessed while others should only be hiked by the very advanced hiker.

The Dupont State Recreational Forest lies just south of Brevard. These gorges are filled with the cascading falls of Wintergreen, Bridal Veil, and High Falls, just to name a few of the most popular. What else will you find? White squirrels, black bears, green forests and outdoor activities to keep you vacationing here for years to come.

If you are considering exploring North Carolina’s many waterfalls, let us introduce you to Kevin Adams, author of North Carolina Waterfalls. The third edition of his book is packed with details of waterfalls throughout the western Tarheel State. The falls are each rated by beauty, hiking distance, hiking difficulty and more. Read his book before visiting any waterfalls. Your body and the waterfalls will appreciate your advanced knowledge of hiking waterfalls. Visit www.kadamsphoto.com Another wonderful resource: www.ncwaterfalls.com and visit the photo gallery.

Happy Hiking and Cycling Adventures!

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