3 Things You Will Love about Biking the Appalachian Trail
3 Things You Will Love about Biking the Appalachian Trail

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3 Things You Will Love about Biking the Appalachian Trail

If you’ve been thinking about booking a cycling tour, there are no tours more exciting and full of variety than the Appalachian Trail. Here are 3 things we think you’ll absolutely love when you bike alongside the Appalachian Trail.

Variety of Landscapes

The Appalachian Trail tour is a daunting 1,500 miles of riding, but what better way to see so much of this beautiful country? You won’t have to worry about the trail becoming boring or mundane, because it’s always changing and you’ll never get sick of the view.

The tour starts in Georgia where you’ll see plenty of Dogwoods and Mount Laurel as you become one with nature. You will travel up the Blue Ridge Parkway, seeing beautiful mountains along the way. Even when the trail begins to flatten as you enter areas of Virginia, there is plenty of picturesque farmland and many historic battlefields to see. Through beautiful Eastern towns and riverside rides, the tour will never get boring.

See 13 States and Washington D.C.

On what other trail can you see this much of the United States? Biking along the whole trail takes about 23 days, but you will see almost the entire Eastern side of the country, from Georgia to Maine. You can see what makes each state unique and beautiful. From the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital to the calm Shenandoah Valley and the back woods wilderness of Maine. There will be plenty of time to take it all in.

More than Just Biking

You may do the tour for the biking, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to do much more than that. You’ll pass through some of the most famous tourist areas of the country, so there’s no better place to stop and relax a little than along this trail.

When you take a break from biking, you will be able to experience historical sights you may never have thought to visit, like Little Switzerland in North Carolina or the Luray Caverns in Virginia.

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