5 Cyclists’ New Year’s Resolutions
5 Cyclists’ New Year’s Resolutions

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5 Cyclists’ New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of new beginnings, please take note of the following New Year’s Resolutions for Cyclists:

1) Lose Weight

This one is not just for cyclists. Cycling is a great way to lose weight, stay fit and have fun. After packing on the holiday pounds, just an hour of cycling per day will whittle off the calories you so easily consumed. Remember, start slowly.

How much will you have to cycle to burn off your Holiday Feast?

Feast Foods vs. Ride Time

  • Roasted Turkey, dark meat (3.5 ounces) 170 calories: 14-minute ride at 14-16 mph
  • Roasted Turkey, white meat (3.5 ounces) 150 calories: 15-minute ride at 14-16mph
  • Stuffing, dry mix prepared (1/2 cup) 180 calories: 19-minute ride at 12-14mph
  • Green Beans (1 cup) 50 calories: 6-minute ride at 12-14mph
  • Cranberry Sauce 100 calories: 11-minute ride at 12-14mph
  • Mashed Potatoes (1 cup) 240 calories: 20-minute ride at 14-16mph
  • Sweet Potato Casserole (1 cup) 260 calories: 27-minute ride at 12-14mph
  • Whole Wheat Dinner Roll 75 calories: 7-minute ride at 14-16mph
  • Apple Pie (1 slice = 1/8th of 9 in. pie) 410 calories: 34-minute ride at 14-16 mph
  • Pumpkin Pie (same serving as apple) 320 calories: 27-minute ride at 14-16 mph
  • Celebratory Wine (5 ounces) 120 calories: 13-minute ride at 12-14 mph

*All food data from USDA food database
**Based on a 160-pound cyclist

2) Commute to Work

Not only will it save you money on gas, but it will add to your daily training time, boost your metabolism for the day which will help you lose that weight.

3) Weather Excuses

Often times, the weather can impede your cycling plans. Think first of your own safety before venturing out. Dress for the occasion, make modifications to your bike like wider tires and less air in the tires Maybe you have an old wide wheeler in the basement. Perhaps you can afford 1 more bike — a fat bike. It will also be great for off road and the beach next Spring.

4) Join a Club

Look for a cycling club with a like ability range. There are groups out there for all levels of riders. Try Meet up groups or visit your local bike shop. They often times sponsor weekly rides. In no time at all you will fit right in. You will meet like minded people and have a great time.

5) Take the Computer Off Your Bike

If you are an avid cyclist, but sometimes the training aspect wears on you, take 1 ride a week, leave your cell phone or computer at home and just ride at a comfortable pace. Don’t worry about the mph or distance. Just have FUN.

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