5 Facts about our FUNDO
5 Facts about our FUNDO

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5 Facts about our FUNDO

We are sure that your first question is, “do these folks know how to spell?” Our Fundo is our very own version of what most cyclists participate, in which they know as a fondo or Grand Fondo. Only, ours are not timed events. Rather, we offer multiple days of cycling and added activities for cyclists and their non-cycling companions.

Asheville, NC Fundo - Cycle of Life Adventures

  1. Fundos are designed to give fun cycling and active vacation adventures. You cycle as much or as little as you like and still have time to enjoy the other activities that the area has to offer.
  2. You stay in one comfortable hotel for the duration of the event. You do not have to pack your bag daily to move on to your next destination. Heck, we even give the option to stay with friends or relatives or rent your own Airbnb for the Fundo. Maybe a small country cabin or a glamorous nearby spa is what the doctor ordered.
  3. We still develop an easy route and an agressive route for you for each possible riding day. There is always more than one guide on a trip, so support and help is just a phone call away. Our Fundos are in or near small cities, or locations may be just on the outskirts of parks and recreational areas, so cell service is not a problem.
  4. Groups gatherings are planned for those who choose to participate. Our first evening always includes a casual group dinner to get to know the group. If you like a good brew tour or a tasting from the area wineries, that could be an after or evening option. Area attractions are always plentiful in our Fundo cities. Maybe a tour of a thoroughbreed horse farm, river rafting or a tour of the once well-kept-secret – the bunker at the Greenbrier Inn. Need a break from activity? All of our locations have a pool and places to chill and relax along with plentiful non-cyclist attractions.
  5. We offer Five great cities for our Fundos. All are easily accessible by plane or car. Choose your next Fun Destination.
    • Tucson, AZ
    • Lewisburg, WV
    • Frisco, CO
    • Lexington, KY
    • Asheville, NC

Colorado Fundo - Cycle of Life Adventures

West Virginia Fundo - Cycle of Life Adventures

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