6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Cycling Route 66!
6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Cycling Route 66!

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6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Cycling Route 66!

As one of America’s first highways, Route 66 is one of the most well-known and iconic roads in the country. Although it is no longer in operation as an interstate highway, the path itself has been preserved and can still be traveled by explorers looking to immerse themselves in the past. We at Cycle of Life Adventures would like to share 6 great reasons to consider cycling down this piece of American history.

Partake in an American Tradition

Route 66 was established in 1926 and was used extensively by those migrating west during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. It was officially removed from the highway system during the 1980s, but much of the original route has been preserved for those who wish to retrace the memorable route for themselves.

Visit Historic Landmarks

As travelers began flooding Route 66 after its completion, new businesses and towns sprang up along the route to accommodate them. Many of these sites are now historic landmarks because of the role they played in helping America expand.

Tour Major Cities

Starting in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles, you’ll be able to take in big cities as well as smaller towns. As you cycle Route 66, you’ll pass through 8 different states and ride through urban centers like Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Witness Stunning Scenery

The ride down Route 66 takes in a wide variety of breathtaking scenery, from sweeping prairies to desert canyons. You’ll see the Grand Canyon and many other unforgettable sights as you ride through some of the country’s most stunning landscapes.

See New Plants and Animals

Despite the dry climate, the Southwest is full of life. In fact, it has plants and animals you’re not likely to find anywhere else, including mule deer, many varieties of cacti, and the endangered California condor, one of the rarest birds in the world.

Experience Other Cultures

Route 66 also takes you through lands once settled extensively by Native American peoples. You can experience these rich traditions that are still alive today as you take in the unique settlements and artwork you’ll find as you cycle Route 66.

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