COVID-19 Update March 24

Since our last blog of March 11, 2020, concerning Covid-19, many more persons in our country have been infected with the virus, and life is no longer normal. We are not taking this pandemic lightly. For those friends in the cycling

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Dealing with COVID-19

At Cycle of Life Adventures, safety has been and continues to be our highest priority. The COVID 19 is taking center stage in the US and around the world. While we do not want to make light of the possible

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10 Reasons to Cycle the Natchez Trace

We hope you enjoy reading through our top ten reasons why you should cycle the Natchez Trace Parkway. National Park Service designates the entire parkway as a bike route. Numerous signs instruct cars to share the road with bicycles. Commercial

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Interview by The Outspoken Cyclist

From The Outspoken Cyclist – Feb 22,2020 Podcast As part of our 2020 marketing campaign, we have decided to include new formats to our marketing and advertising agenda. Being new to the podcast format, I must say I was a

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e-Bike The New Flying Machine | Cycle of Life Adventures

E-Bikes, the New Flying Machine

If Orville and Wilbur Wright could only see us now! As two bicycle mechanics from Dayton, Ohio struggling to get a flying machine off the ground from the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, little did they know that flying machine

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