AAA Has Your Back

AAA Bicycle service now has a new spin on roadside assistance. The same membership that covers your car will also take care of you and your bike if you break down while out on a ride. Best part is…it is

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Travel Insurance … A Must for Active Vacations

The dream of an active vacation is exciting and wonderfully invigorating for the body and soul. But, wait, there is a tad more planning and thought that goes into an active vacation, especially a cycling vacation. Along with getting yourself

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Tucson AZ Fundo - Cycle of Life Adventures

5 Facts about our FUNDO

We are sure that your first question is, “do these folks know how to spell?” Our Fundo is our very own version of what most cyclists participate, in which they know as a fondo or Grand Fondo. Only, ours are

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Recovering on Multi-Day Rides

Riding a multi-day tour means you need to take care of yourself from the outset. Please look at these tips to helping you through such activities. Focus on Fluid Intake Throughout the Afternoon/Evening On multi-day tours, it becomes impossible to

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250 Reasons to Explore Transylvania County, NC

Sure, Cycle of Life Adventures does cycling vacations. But, we have found a small corner of North Carolina where cycling pro, George Hincapie, loves the terrific cycling. We enjoy it for the additional natural beauty, wildlife and bonus recreational activities.

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