Canadian Rockies - Moraine Lake | Cycle of Life Adventures

Happy Birthday Canada

Canada Turns 150 this year! The Canadian Parks are there with open arms to greet guests for the Summer season. Entry to the Parks is free for 2017. Since cycling is our passion at Cycle of Life Adventures, we suggest

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Oregon Coast | Cycle of Life Adventures

Cycling The Northwest

Bicycling in the Northwest In Sept, 2016, Bicycling Magazine ranked Portland, OR as the 3rd best city to ride a bicycle, and Seattle, WA as number 5. There’s no better way to experience the sights, smells and sounds of Seattle

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Bring Your Bike Onboard

Part of the joy of a journey by train is the ability to explore the stops along the way, and what better way to do that than by bike? If you’d like to ride the rails with your bike, Amtrak

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Explore Flora and Fauna of Colorado

Colorado bike trails offer some of the most beautiful and unique combinations of plants and animals in the world. Here at Cycle of Life Adventures, we want you to know what you could witness on a bike tour through this

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Biking the Appalachian Trail

The 2016 Cycle of Life Adventures season is fast approaching and this year promises to be the ride of a lifetime. For those of you who have never gone Appalachian Trail biking, you are missing out! This year’s ride will cover

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Different Terrains Colorado Has to Offer

There are many things that the Rocky Mountains are known for, and the incredible Colorado bicycling tours are one of them. If you are into adventure biking, then you will want to see what we can offer you here at

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