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COVID-19 Updates

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COVID-19 Updates

Posted: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

For all tour guests and guides:

Beginning January 1, 2023, we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination for COVID-19, however we strongly recommend guests to be fully vaccinated. If guests are comfortable sharing their vaccination information with us, we will hold it as a courtesy in case of a medical emergency to help expedite medical attention. Testing will no longer be required unless one is symptomatic upon arrival or during the tour. We will continue to require masks in the transport vehicles. Guests should carry a mask with them at all times.

If a guest or guide tests positive during a tour, he or she will have to isolate or leave the tour. While we will assist as much as possible, it is the responsibility of the guest or guide to find transportation home. On our longer tours, guests are welcome to rejoin the group once he or she recovers and receives a negative test. Unused portions of the tour cannot be applied to a later tour.

We recognize that this is an ever-changing situation. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update our policies according to recommendations from the CDC and local guidelines.

Posted: Monday, June 20, 2022

All guests on the remaining 2022 tours will be required to either send proof of vaccination at least 30 days prior to tour departure or provide proof of a negative Covid test. The Covid test must be administered within 72 hours of tour departure. Vaccination cards and/or test results may be emailed to Please include your name, tour and departure date in the email. If you test positive for Covid within 10 days prior to departure, regardless of vaccination status, no refund will be offered.

Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2021

All guests participating in 2022 tours will be required to send proof of vaccination 30 days or more prior to departure. If a fully vaccinated guest has been diagnosed with any strain of Covid, they must show proof of a negative test 3 days prior to departure.

If you test positive or do not have a vaccine, you will not be able to participate and no refund will be offered. Your money, minus expenses incurred, may go toward another future tour. When traveling during 2022, please keep a copy of your vaccine or negative test result with you at all times. Some businesses may have local requirements.

Posted: Sunday, August 1, 2021

Beginning August 1, 2021

For all new guests registering for our US-based tours, we will revert back to our standard cancellation policy to include:

We offer the following cancellation policy for our shorter, domestic tours that require a $500 deposit and our Epic tours which require a non-refundable deposit to sign up. In the rare case that Cycle of Life Adventures (COLA) must cancel a trip due to low enrollment, we will do so at least 45 days prior to departure. If we cancel fewer than 45 days prior to departure, we will issue you a full refund plus a $400 credit toward any of our other tours within a calendar year.

Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather, civil unrest, terrorism, natural disasters or personal, family and medical emergencies. In all cases, we will not be responsible for any personal expenses incurred such as airline tickets, hotels or car rentals. COLA reserves the right to make route and lodging modifications, as needed.

No refunds will be made for meals, services or lodging paid for but not used.

Travel insurance is recommended for Epic Adventures.

Cancellations for Classic Tours
  • All cancellation and transfer requests must be in writing and are effective upon receipt in our office.
  • 90+ days before tour departure: 100% refund
  • 75+ days before tour departure: forfeit $250 of your deposit
  • 60-74 days before tour departure: forfeit 25% of the complete tour price
  • 30-59 days before tour departure: forfeit 65% of the complete tour price
  • 0-29 days before tour departure: forfeit 100% of the complete tour price
  • No refunds are possible after the tour begins
Cancellations for EPIC Tours
  • 120+ days before departure: forfeit 10% of the tour cost
  • 90+ days before tour departure: forfeit 25% of the tour cost
  • 60-89 days before tour departure: forfeit 40% of the tour cost
  • 0-59 days before departure: forfeit 100% of the tour cost
  • No refunds will be made for meals, lodging or services paid for but not used

Posted: Monday, November 30, 2020

2021 Travel and Safety Protocols

While the past few months have been a fluid and changing process, Cycle of Life Adventures, (COLA), has always and will continue to make your safety the utmost of importance. We believe being outside and active is one of the best ways to stay healthy. A better way to do that is by riding a bicycle in rural, remote, and non-congested areas of the US. We will continue to communicate with you and create fun-filled and enjoyable cycling vacations.

Since we do provide trips in various parts of the US, we work diligently to be on top of the CDC, state, and local requirements for keeping everyone safe. We have provided bicycling trips, almost weekly, in 15 different states since the end of May, 2020. Everyone has returned home virus free. Yes, things are different, and they will continue to change quickly, but our guests have been most flexible and adaptable to new policies.

Please know we are staying on top of the requirements for each location and each trip and still working to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

Pre-Tour Communication

Making the choice to do a cycling vacation is truly a personal choice. When you are ready to travel, we will provide you a safe setting. The office will work to keep you informed regarding each trip. Please be honest with us regarding your current health situation and if you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 within 2 weeks of your trip departure. We are limiting trips to 8 guests, to provide more safety for everyone.

Staff and Trip Leaders

Our Cycle of Life Adventures staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED, as well as being trained to handle the new food preparation requirements, and the health, sanitization and communication protocols deemed necessary by national, state, and local officials. Office and tour staff are here to help you make any changes necessary for a trip around these health issues.

Guest Arrival

We are asking that you have a Covid-19 test administered within 4 days of your arrival, and to carry the results with you. A positive test result will keep you from participating in this trip.

The office staff will help you to get signed up for a trip in the future. You will receive a full credit to a future trip. When we meet you the first day, we will take your temperature and it must be below 100 degrees for you to continue on the trip. We encourage you to self-isolate/quarantine for 10-14 days prior to the beginning of the trip. This is to minimize your exposure to others who might be infected. Daily temperature screenings and health survey will be part of our new morning ritual.

Van and Equipment

The staff has been brought up to speed on keeping the van and other equipment clean and sanitized. It will be disinfected daily and high touch areas will be sanitized often. The guides will be responsible for airing up tires each day and keeping tools and equipment sanitized. A vast majority of our daily rides are from inn-to-inn, thus cutting van shuttling to a minimum. When in the van, please space out and wear a mask. Air will be circulated in the van at all times. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at all stops and lunch.


The hotels we use are implementing CDC standards for cleanliness and safety. They have done a great job in providing clean and sanitary rooms and facilities. Breakfasts have changed and we will work to provide a breakfast which will fuel for your day’s ride.

Food Preparation

Snack items and hydration items will be single serving options. Our traveling picnic lunches will be prepared by guides wearing gloves and masks. We will provide a variety of options, but they will be served by staff, who are up-to-date with proper serving protocols.


Mealtime is a great time to share the day's highlights and adventures and we will continue to provide the best meals possible. While meals have been a bit of a challenge, COLA will implement several options. Table size may be limited by the restaurant or by us. We will try to eat outdoors as often as possible. We will get to-go orders for those who choose not to eat in a larger group, and some meals may be catered. Please keep us informed to your dining preferences.

Social Distancing

Please stay 6 feet apart at stops or in small groups. Do not ride in pacelines. Spread out as much as possible while in the van.


Wear mask whenever you are off the bike or in small groups. Please carry a mask with you in your jersey pocket or in bike bag. Wear a mask in the van at all times. It is suggested, if flying to the starting destination, to wear a N95 or medically approved mask during your travel time.

Signs of Symptoms While on Tour 

Any Covid-19 symptoms are to be reported immediately to a member of our team. Symptoms include any of the followingL shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, fever, runny nose, sneezing, an abrupt loss of taste and smell. A medical opinion, if necessary, as well as a test will be sought for any guest displaying symptoms to ensure they and the group remain safe. This will be dependent on the groups’ location as per local protocols.

If a case of Covid-19 is detected on tour, COLA will follow CDC and local recommendations including isolation, seeking medical advice, relocation to a medical facility if required. If the determination is a need of medical treatment or being sent home, the guest is responsible for the incurred costs. Check your travel insurance to see if you are covered for Covid-19 related illnesses.

Covid-19 Care Package 

COLA provides a small bag of Covid-19 related “goodies.” The bag includes small packets of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, tissues, chamois butter, and sunscreen. These items are readily available in the van, as well.

Posted: Monday, November 16, 2020

Since late May of 2020, Cycle of Life Adventures has successfully run safe and healthy tours, close to home, here in the US. We have even extended our hand to help accommodate guests who would normally travel to other countries with our friends operating international tours.
Our 2021 tour schedule is up and running and ready for you to book. We will continue to follow the safe operating protocols just as we have done for the last several months.
We will follow our guidelines with:

  • Smaller groups
  • Distancing while dining
  • Safety Travel Packets
  • Follow state by state regulations
  • Van, Bicycle and gear Sanitizing
  • Covid Testing for our Epic Adventures
  • Trained and experienced guides and Innkeepers

Please see our past posts for complete information on planning a Bike Tour during these unusual times.

Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2020

As the virus continues to morph, we at Cycle of Life Adventures, try to change to meet the new demands for this situation. While many states are reopening, there are still restrictions in place that vary from state to state. We will adhere to CDC recommendations and the Health Departments of the states in which we do tours. The best medicine is the washing of hands regularly and staying 6 feet away from others.


  • We suggest you social distance as much as possible for the 14 days prior to the tour.
  • We highly recommend a Covid-19 test 4 days prior to your tour, or a letter of compliance stating you are healthy and have no symptoms.
  • We suggest traveling to the tour location via your private vehicle.
  • Check with your travel insurance provider to see if Covid-19 issues are covered by the policy. Trips may be cancelled or postponed due to the virus and how each state chooses to deal with any recurring outbreaks.
  • Please review our Packing List / Trip Preparations and Tour Policies Page.

During the Tour

  • We are limiting the size of our trips to 8 guests.
  • We ask all guests to social distance while riding. No pace lines, please.
  • We are providing guests with a personal safety gift bag, that includes a mask, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, nitrile gloves, sunscreen, and chamois butter.
  • We suggest you carry a mask with you while riding and use it when you go into stores, sightseeing locations, or if riding in the van with more than 4 people.
  • COLA staff will be responsible for inflation of tires each day.
  • The COLA van will be cleaned and sanitized each day, door handles, seats, dash, arm rests and handles.
  • All Covid-19 symptoms must be reported to the COLA staff immediately. These include shortness of breath, sore throat, fever, headache, coughing or sneezing, or loss of taste and smell. We will make a determination of the best actions and use of local medical resources, to keep the remainder of the group safe.
  • We are using hotels which are limiting their capacity and have enhanced cleaning and sanitizing in place.
  • Hand sanitizer and thermometers will be readily accessible in the van and at any snack or lunch stop.


  • We may eat in smaller groups to facilitate better service and meet social distancing requirements.
  • Lunches will be prepared by COLA staff, wearing mask and gloves.
  • Fresh fruit will be provided. We will also meet dietary requirements and special requests, within reason.
  • Snacks will be provided in individual servings

Posted: Monday, April 20, 2020

Tours until May 12, 2020, are all postponed at this point. Our first tour that is still scheduled to depart on May 12, 2020, is The Natchez Trace. On May 22, 2020, our Kentucky Four Day is scheduled to depart. At this time social distancing can easily be accomplished on our Four Day format and along the Natchez Trace. Local restrictions are beginning to lift by direction of local jurisdictions. If this information changes we will notify our guests immediately. Should we decide to postpone that trip, you will be advised 30 or more days in advance. All guests at this time are advised to drive to the starting locations.

We keep a close watch on Covid-19 reports in our travel destinations and are aware of the quickly changing conditions in those areas.

We are trying our best to keeps some tours on our schedule if possible. In doing so we have your saftey and health in mind at all times. For all tours in the near future, that is 2020, we will provide each guest with personal travel kits and have additional regulations listed in our orientation packet and our Packing List / Trip Preparations. We have added additional protection in Van Support, Food service and Equipmental rental. If you have concerns when booking a tour, please see our updated Policy Page.

Please stay posted and call if you have further questions.

Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2020

As of today, we will also postpone our April 26, 2020 Natchez Trace tour. Lack of accommodations, along with local Covid-19 restrictions, make it difficult to operate in this region. Hopefully, the May departures will be available. The May 8, 2020 Outer Banks tour will also be cancelled until late Fall due to local restrictions in several counties and some of the NC state run ferries. Stay healthy - Live Smart!

Posted: Friday, March 20, 2020

Thank you for being a trusted guest and friend in our cycling community.

As always, we are concerned with the safety and health and well-being of our guests. It is time for all of us to take a deep breath, pause, stay home and take care of ourselves.

As of today, March 20, 2020, Cycle of Life Adventures has postponed tours that begin before April 26, 2020. Those trips include be the New Orleans Big Easy Tour and the first Spring Natchez Trace Tour. Both tours will be rescheduled.

Credits will be issued toward future departures. Credits will be honored on trips through 2021 and can be transferrable to a friend or family member. If you are considering postponing your tour that starts after April 26th, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Moving forward, reactions and regulations for protection will likely evolve daily, thus our scheduled departures may be affected. There could likely be changes to lodging, food service and use of public land. At Cycle of Life Adventures, our group sizes have always been limited to 12. For the near future, we will limit the groups to 10 to be in compliance with National Parks and some local jurisdictions.

Please check our web page regularly as we will begin to post additional offerings that may be closer and more easily accessible for you.

We encourage you to reach out and ask questions via phone (303) 945-9886, Live Chat or email (

Until we chat again, the guides, sales staff and support services here at CoLA encourage you to stay active. Get out and ride, hike, run or workout. Be sure to abide by local regulations and follow recommendations of the CDC or your local authorities.

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” from Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Warm Regards,
Elli Sias/ Owner

Posted: Friday, Monday, March 16, 2020

Cycle of Life Adventures is closely monitoring local health regulations.

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, we will institute an update to our regular cancellation policy.

  • If you are scheduled on a tour that is to depart by April 11, 2020, you may defer/transfer your payments to any other tour in 2020 or 2021.
  • If you are scheduled for a tour that departs April 17 or after, you may defer or transfer to another tour in 2020 or 2021.
  • If you are more than 60 days from departure, you may get a refund or transfer to another 2020 or 2021 tour.

Please check in by email on a regular basis as conditions and regulations concerning Covid-19 develop:

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