Cross Country Tour Policies

Cross Country Tour Policies Form

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  • Please complete the form below and sign in both places below.

  • Cross Country Tour Policies Form

    I, the undersigned, know the Cross Country (XC) trip is a potentially hazardous event, and I participate in it on my own free will and choice. In choosing to participate in XC and any related events, I fully accept and assume all risks, whether before, during, or after XC and/or related events. Risks include, without limitation, physical injury, mental injury, mental stress, emotional stress, trauma, death, contact with other participants, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, effects of weather, including extreme temperatures or conditions, traffic, contact with any type of motor vehicles, collision with other riders, or fixed or moving objects, the road conditions, theft, damage or theft to a vehicles whether on event or parked in long term parking. All risks are known and understood by me. I waive any and all specific notice of the existence of risks. I agree leaders and maps are provided for my convenience only and do not guarantee a safe route or trip.

    I shall assume and pay my medical and emergency expenses in the event of injury, illness, or other incapacity, regardless whether I authorize such expenditure. I realize XC requires physical conditioning and I represent I am in sound medical condition, capable of participating in the ride, without risk to myself or others. I have no medical impediment that would endanger myself or others. I understand medical situations may arise during the XC that are beyond the control of the organizer.

    I will be solely responsible for the condition and adequacy of my bicycle, safety gear and riding equipment. I will ride safely within the limits of my abilities, my equipment, and the riding conditions. I will honor all weather related and safety decisions of the tour leaders. I will ride in a manner not to endanger myself or others.

    Knowing these facts and having been accepted to participate in the XC tour, I, and anyone acting in my behalf, waive, release, discharge, indemnify, covenant not to sue and agree to hold XC, XC staff, Cycle of Life Adventures (COLA), the staff and professional agents of COLA and successors of all the above, harmless from any and all claims, demands, actions of any kind that I have, may have accrue against the released parties. This includes, without limitation, litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss liability, damages or cost. My waiver and release of all claims, demands, actions, and liability shall include, without limitation, any injury, damage or loss to my person or property which may be caused by any act, or failure to act, by the above identified people or entities, sustained by me before, during, or after the XC trip. I agree to abide by all XC and COLA rules, regulations and staff decisions based on situational conditions.

    I waive my rights of privacy or publicity and grant permission to all, forgoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, recordings or other records of this event for any legitimate purpose. I agree to indemnify and hold the parties released above, harmless from any and all losses, damages, claims, and expenses, including attorney fees, arising in any respect to my participation in the XC event.

    If I am a minor, my parent/guardian is also signing on my behalf and we both agree to be bound by the same terms of this agreement, waiver, and release. As the parent/guardian of a minor child, I certify the minor is in good health, qualified and in proper physical condition to participate in the XC event and I hereby release, discharge, vow not to sue, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless all of the above released parties from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages on the minor’s account incurred in connection with the XC event.

  • Cross Country Tour Policies Agreement

    • I understand this is a Cross Country bicycling adventure.
    • I understand I will discuss my physical condition with office before registering.
    • I understand no trikes are allowed.
    • I understand I am expected to attempt to ride my bicycle the entire route every day.
    • I understand I will be riding my bicycle in all types of weather- heat, cold, rain, wind.
    • I understand road types will vary- 2 lane country roads, 2 and 4 lane urban highways, 4 lane highways, inter-state highways, some with no to little shoulders.
    • I understand road conditions will vary- chip and seal, roads needing repair, roads with debris.
    • I understand I will be riding in all sorts of areas- remote, rural, semi-urban, and urban.
    • I understand I will be riding in all types of traffic with all types of vehicles.
    • I understand and accept the risks of sharing the roads with all types of vehicles.
    • I understand I will have a rear, red blinking light and a front, white light on at all times.
    • I understand I will wear the brightest jerseys and jackets possible.
    • I understand I will wear my helmet at all times while on the bicycle.
    • I understand I will be riding up to 120 miles, with limited facilities other than SAG vehicle.
    • I understand there will be SAG stops every 15-20 miles.
    • I understand the average mileage for tour is 75 miles per riding day.
    • I understand at times there will be very limited or no internet and cell phone coverage.
    • I understand I must be totally self-sufficient while riding my bicycle, including changing of flat tires.
    • I understand and agree to have enough water with me to complete 30 miles of riding.
    • I understand dietary needs, including vegetarian, must be discussed in advance with the tour leader.
    • I understand if I get separated/lost at any time, I will use resources available in finding my way to the overnight town on my own.
    • I understand this bicycle tour will move every day, except rest days and, if for any reason, I am unable to move forward, it will be totally my responsibility to rejoin the group.
    • I understand I must and will attend all rider meetings.
    • I understand and agree to stay nightly where the group is staying. Tour leader need to be notified if spouse or friend is joining the group.
    • I understand the over-night facilities will vary greatly.
    • I understand this tour selects the best option available.
    • I understand this is a group activity and will I be spending my time with the same people on this tour.
    • I understand by participating in this group activity, decisions will be made for the good of the group as a whole.
    • I understand there will be an agenda (schedule) which, for the good of the group, will be followed.
    • I understand getting myself and gear to the starting point and home from the ending point is totally my responsibility.
    • I understand and agree to the stated cancellation policy and understand it will be fully enforced.
    • I understand, as part of the cancellation policy, no refunds will be offered for any reasons, after January 1.
    • I also agree not to ask the ride for an exception to the stated cancellation policy for any reason.

  • Thank you for providing this information, which will receive the fullest measure of confidentiality.