COLA | Day 18 - Leaving Marathon TX | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour

Day Eighteen – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Eighteen | March 17, 2021

Marathon, TX to Sanderson, TX

My watch malfunctioned until mile 4. We actually gained 590 feet, but lost over 2,000 feet. Basically, we rode downhill most of the way and had a tailwind most of the way. So nice! We were blessed with very little traffic. A fun day all around.

Sanderson has a motel and a convenience store. Dinner will be at a bar (a drive away) where the woman owner apparently openly carries a gun in her back pocket. Really glad Dennis warned us. Aaach.

We are all thankful for these two easy days because tomorrow is the ride we have all been dreading…119 miles.

Today’s blog is contributed by Ken and Francie Gass of the Gass-Powered Tandem

COLA | Day 18 - Hotel | Epic Cross Country Southern Tier
COLA | Day 18 - Texas Highway 90
COLA | Day 18 - Our Lunch View | Epic Cross Country
COLA | Day 18 - GPS Screenshot - Epic Cross Country

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