COLA | Day 35 - Dinner Spot, Brady's Steak & Seafood, Pascagoula, MS

Day Thirty Five – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Thirty Five | April 3, 2021

Wiggins, MS to Moss Point, MS

Dennis reminded us this morning to stay present–enjoy each day rather than getting caught up in the excitement of being almost done! Also, he wants us to stay alert and careful. All good advice.

Today was another gorgeous sunny day on lovely country roads! We think Mississippi country roads may be the best rides of this trip so far! Rather than farms, we have seen Southern Yellow Pine groves. The trees are used for telephone poles.

A bike path appeared in the middle of nowhere–actually near a National Forest. We were told the road we were on was part of a triathlon course. We saw local Saturday morning cyclists, too.

We crossed the Pascagoula River and stopped near Parker Lake. All were flooded. At one point we were at -2 ft elevation! The small roads off the main road looked like boat ramps.

We went to upscale Brady’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Pascagoula, Mississippi tonight. We enjoyed excellent food and a gorgeous sunset on the Pascagoula River, two miles from the Gulf.

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