Cola - 2021 Epic Cross Country | Gas Powered Tandem | Day 3

Day Three – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Three | March 2, 2021

El Centro, CA to Welton, AZ

A tough day today. The road surface was full of cracks, so we were nicely spaced every 2 feet or so. It was a mixed bag of roads and even some interstate riding. When it is the only available road, you are allowed to cycle the interstate–the truckers are very courteous. They will move over for you if they can.

It was a 97-mile day with only 1900 feet of elevation. But, our theory is that the 3rd and 4th day of consecutive riding are the hardest. Most of us are weekend warriors and ride 2 days in a row.

Great news for the day–we cross into Arizona. That means Mountain Time, so staying in touch with the office back east gets a little easier.

The downside – an hour less sleep for tired riders.

Photos include: the Imperial Valley, which is the nation’s largest agriculture garden; the All American canal which brings water supply from and Colorado River; and Francie and Ken entering Yuma.

COLA | Epic Cross Country | Imperial Valley | Day 3
COLA | Epic Cross Country | Canal from the Colorado River | Day 3

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