COLA - Day 25 - Wildflowers | Epic Cross Country

Day Twenty Five – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Twenty Five | March 24, 2021

Austin, TX to La Grange, TX

Today was cloudy and a little misty all day. Susan rode with us again. It is great having someone with local knowledge in the group. We learned there are Post Oaks as well as Live Oaks, and I got most of the wildflowers identified. Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson there are wildflowers along all the roadways.

We get such a kick out of the cattle. They are so curious until something spooks them.

The town of La Grange, Texas, has a courthouse, quilt museum and one motel. Can you say “Dirty”? What a dump! This guy does not deserve our business. Looks like next year gets rerouted.

COLA | Day 25 - Texas Longhorn Cattle | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour
COLA | Day 25 - Quilt and Wildflowers | Epic Cross Country
COLA | Day 25 - GPS Screenshot | Epic Cross Country

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