COLA | Day 24 - New Cross Country Jerseys | Epic Bike Tour

Day Twenty Four – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Twenty Four | March 23, 2021

Fredericksburg, TX to Austin, TX

We had a thunderstorm last night, but today was sunny, warm and not windy! We are still in “Hill Country“, but it is our last day of over 80 miles and over 4,000ft of elevation! We got our new jerseys last night.

Elli’s super friend and guide, Susan, from Austin, joined us from Fredericksburg today. She knows the area well and just loves the camaraderie of a group ride. Though we are still in the “Hill Country”, where there is plenty of the beautiful limestone rocks, the trees are green here because they were not hit as badly by the ice storms. We are starting to see sign of Prickly Pear Cacti under the oak trees and a smattering of wildflowers.

We followed some nice bike routes into Austin. The city is very bicycle friendly.

COLA | Day 24 - Tandem | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour
COLA | Day 24 - Visibility | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour
COLA | Day 24 - Greening Up
COLA | Day 24 - Hill | Epic Cross Country
COLA | Day 24 - GPS Screenshot | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour

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