COLA | Day 29 - Azaleas | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour

Day Twenty Nine – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Twenty Nine | March 28, 2021

Lumberton, TX to DeRidder, LA

Finally … we are out of Texas. The downside is, our area of Louisiana is dry on Sunday–so we get no celebratory cocktail for crossing the state line. Rumor is the local pub has $1 shots on Monday nights!

We made our trek today with just a few sprinkles and headwinds most of the day. Jerr is back on the road with the group.

We are in DeRidder tonight and tomorrow. This area was hit by two Category 4 hurricanes last October and the area is still looking in disrepair. The Best Western has blue tarps on the roof and the debris piles remind me of the hurricane cleanup projects on the Outer Banks after storms.

We have an off-day tomorrow. Good day to clean up those bikes that have carried everyone for the last 4 weeks.

COLA | Day 29 - The Group on the Road, Hwy 190 | Epic Cross Country
COLA | Day 29 - GPS Screenshot | EPIC Cross Country

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