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Day Twenty One – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Twenty One | March 20, 2021

Camp Wood, TX to Ingram, TX

OMG, one of the hardest days yet AND OMG, Ken is back to his strong riding self!

We knew this was going to be hard from looking at the elevation map, so we requested an early start. We took off from Camp Wood at 8am. In the first 40 miles, we climbed 4 monstrous hills–I don’t know how to describe them except to say they were steep!

The grade ranged from 4-15%. For those of you who aren’t cyclists, highways’ steepest grade is 6%. We are SO proud of ourselves.

My quads are sore as can be. Everyone else is tired, but not particularly sore.

We were on the “Texas Hill Country Trail.” Wind was light enough today to not really be a factor (nice change!)

We are so appreciative of Dennis and Tom (our guides). They stay behind the last rider(s), which often is us, at least when there are uphills (our momentum carries us very fast downhill).

We had to stop to rest on two of the steep hills and we needed one of them to give us a push uphill so that we had enough momentum to stay upright! We completed our last steep hill.

We entered into Hunt, Texas for a break along the Guadalupe River. Then on to Ingram and off to a superb dinner in Kerrville.

Today’s blog is contributed by Ken and Francie Gass of the Gass-Powered Tandem.

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