COLA | Day 26 - Ya Ya Gurlz | Epic Cross Country

Day Twenty Six – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Twenty Six | March 25, 2021

La Grange, TX to Navasota, TX

Tony struggled to keep up with Theresa and the gang this morning. Felt like he was dragging a dead horse behind. Legs were aching. He checked for a flat; reviewed everything. Chalking it up to the cumulative effects of the rides.

At the mile 30 water stop, he lifted the front of the bike and tried to spin the wheel-wouldn’t budge. The brake pad was jammed against the rim!!!! That won’t happen again.

Our lunch stop was at the original site of the Baylor female college. Note the remnant columns of the entrance.

Great scenery today. The countryside is greening up, the cattle and wildflowers are abundant. We are seeing oil and gas burn off and oil rigs.

There was plenty of traffic initially and tents setting up on the roadside for a yearly antique show. Glad to get beyond that – I hope they wear masks!

Everyone contributed to today’s blog. Thank you.

COLA | Day 26 - Antique Yard Show | Epic Cross Country Bike Tour
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COLA | Day 26 - Wildflowers | Epic Cross Country
COLA | Day 26 - Site of Original Baylor University
COLA | Original Baylor Female College Site

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