COLA | Day 23 - Off Day in Fredericksburg - Cow

Day Twenty Three – 2021 Epic Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour

Day Twenty Three – Off Day | March 22, 2021

Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg has a population of about 10,000 residents. The area was settled in the 1800 by German immigrants. The town is also notable as the home of Texas German, a dialect spoken by the first generations of German settlers who initially refused to learn English.

Pacific Fleet Master, Admiral Chester Nimitz, grew up in Fredericksburg and there is a Nimitz museum here. VERY WELL DONE! He agreed to it only if it honored all the veterans of the Pacific war. We walked the grounds which include a courtyard of plaques for all those who died and a Japanese peace garden.

The area is popular for wine tasting at the 80 some local wineries. Great restaurants are within walking distance of your in-town hotels. Obviously, many serve some version of Schnitzel. The Texas Blue Bonnets are late to bloom this year due to the cold weather and ice storms earlier last month. I’ve been here in the past, this very week, with a total bloom.

After laundry, a good day’s rest and new cross country jerseys, the group is ready to hit Austin tomorrow.

COLA | Day 23 - Rest Day in Fredericksburg, TX
COLA | Day 23 - Rest Day in Fredericksburg TX
COLA | Day 23 - Rest Day - Fredericksburg, TX

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