Different Terrains Colorado Has to Offer
Different Terrains Colorado Has to Offer

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Different Terrains Colorado Has to Offer

Different Terrains of ColoradoThere are many things that the Rocky Mountains are known for, and the incredible Colorado bicycling tours are one of them. If you are into adventure biking, then you will want to see what we can offer you here at Cycle of Life Adventures. We have strategically chosen Colorado as the back drop for our tours because of the incredibly varied and beautiful terrain all offered in one area. Touring Colorado by bicycle offers incredible and varied views. Here are some of the things you can expect to see as you tour the Rocky Mountain state by cycle.


These areas will include gently rolling hills mostly covered in meadows and well-packed roads. The flora and fauna along these trails are beautiful, and they are perfect for beginning-to-advanced riders. This is a wonderful introduction to the world of cycle tours.

Mountain Trails

Colorado TerrainsThe stark rocks and sheer cliffs make this a far more challenging and more dangerous tour. If that isn’t enough of an experience booster, we will also be able to show you some of the most amazing views from the summits we can reach via bike. These are high adventure trails that will require more experience and more preparation.

Hot Springs

Colorado offers some incredible hot springs. We love taking tours in these areas as they are so unique. The springs are natural hot tubs that you can’t find just anywhere. The trails we tour offer incredible views, nice bathing experiences, and some educational moments as well. We have tours centered aroundhot springs.

Ranch Lands

The fertile land in Colorado makes it ideal for ranching. There are a few tours we offer that allow cyclists to explore some of the active ranch lands in the region. This is a very different facet of nature that you will be able to experience in a very unique and hands-on way. Horse and cattle ranches are common, as well as alpaca ranches and crop lands.

Deep Forest

The mountains in this area offer some of the most beautiful forested areas in the nation. Acres upon acres of pines and aspens are waiting for you to ride through on your bike. Tours in these regions will allow you to see the local flora and fauna of this region as well as much of the wildlife. Keep your cameras ready as you are sure to see some incredible sights on these tours.

About Us

Cycle of Life Adventures is a boutique-style bicycle and active vacation company, focused on providing excellent service to intimate groups. We are a very personal business with the singular goal of creating exceptional trips for all of our guests at an incomparable value.