Explore Flora and Fauna of Colorado
Explore Flora and Fauna of Colorado

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Explore Flora and Fauna of Colorado

Flora and Fauna of ColoradoColorado bike trails offer some of the most beautiful and unique combinations of plants and animals in the world. Here at Cycle of Life Adventures, we want you to know what you could witness on a bike tour through this gorgeous region.

The following is a list of some of the most amazing flora and fauna you can see in this area:


This is a name in Colorado that has been made famous for unhappy reasons. The original name for the city and the school comes from a flower that grows in the Rocky Mountains, native to Colorado. This flower has a delicate white bloom and is very distinctive. Not only is this native flower beautiful, it is also very useful. The blossoms are edible, and it is a sign of underground water sources.

Quaking Aspens

The famous ski town of Aspen is named for these distinctive trees. The leaves are small and round shaped, and as they quake in the breeze, they make a sound that is similar to rushing water. They change color through the seasons and create some incredibly beautiful scenery that people come from all over the world to witness.

Dotted Blazing Star

This flower grows well in all of the different climates found in Colorado as it is very drought resistant. The blooms are spiky and show off a brilliant purple hue. This is a very helpful flower for the region as it attracts many pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.

Dogwood Shrubs

There are many varieties of dogwood shrubs in this region. They are fast spreading shrubs that stay low to the ground and offer good ground cover. This provides homes for many birds and burrowing animals in the area. The berries are also a good food source for many animals.

Pine Varieties

The Colorado region is home to many different varieties of pine. The most notable is the Colorado Blue Spruce, which can be found all over the region. Firs and junipers are also very common and offer some incredible color and scent to the region.

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