Happy Birthday Canada
Happy Birthday Canada

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Happy Birthday Canada

Canada Turns 150 this year!

The Canadian Parks are there with open arms to greet guests for the Summer season. Entry to the Parks is free for 2017.

Since cycling is our passion at Cycle of Life Adventures, we suggest seeing the magnificent country on two wheels. Our favorite area to cycle is western Canada.

The provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon offer some of the most mind-blowing scenery and wildlife you will ever experience. While climbing the 2000-meter Rockies, you will never notice the incline due to the scenery that will overcome you. As you travel south to north on the iconic “Icefields Parkway”, the turquoise lakes, jagged mountains and the wildlife spottings will take your mind off the energy you are expending.

Canadian Hot Spring | Cycle of Life Adventures

The National Parks of the Region

Kootenay is located in southeastern BC and is known for its natural, clean and uncrowded activities. You will enjoy towering, dense evergreen forests, lush low-lying ferns in the lowlands and hot spring resorts in the local towns. The hidden powers of thermal springs does wonders for the body after a strenuous day of cycling or any activity. Visit: www.canadiantraveller.com for the springs nearest you.

Banff is Canada’s first National Park. It was discovered by 3 Canadian Pacific railway workers who stumbled across caves with thermal springs flowing from the slopes of Alberta’s mountain range. From these humble beginnings come Banff National Park spanning some 2,564 square miles of valleys, glaciers, mountains and rivers. Today, the town of Banff and smaller surrounding communities host recreational and cultural travel experiences year round.

Jasper National Park is the northern terminus for the rail system. This Park consists of 11,000 square KM of which 97% is protected. Yet, you will find a network of trails, rustic and upscale amenities and accommodations to suite any active traveler.

Waterton is the adjoining park to Glacier National Park in Montana. The two of them combine to create what is referred to as “The Crown Jewels of the Continent.” Allow plenty of time to take in the magnificent mountain formations, crystal clear lakes, the wonderful amenities, grand lodges and attractions that the National Parks Services have created for us.

The Yukon Province, in the northwest, will extend your Summer daylight into the night-time hours. Most of this area is off the smoothly paved roads for cycling, but throw a thicker tire on your ride. Treat yourself to a touring bike around Whitehorse and along the ALCAN highway. If you don’t see birds with bald heads or four legged critters with antlers, ask for your money back.

Mountain Goats | Cycle of Life Adventures

Tips for the Trip

  1. Practicing changing a tube and tire before you leave home. You will be out in some remote areas and don’t want to spoil your 2-wheel tour. There may be times you want a wider tire for stability.
  2. Biking burns a lot of calories. But, don’t overeat. Load up on carbs the day before and carry some gels for energy and plenty of water.
  3. Bug spray. Water + warmth = bugs. If you decide to venture into the woods for some off-road biking, remember the forests are the perfect environment for mosquitoes.
  4. Give nature some space and respect. Admire wildlife from a distance. Don’t approach any mama and her young ones.
  5. Lastly, leave this beautiful space as you found it. Don’t leave anything behind.

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