How to Eat Right While Cycling to Maintain Your Stamina
How to Eat Right While Cycling to Maintain Your Stamina

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How to Eat Right While Cycling to Maintain Your Stamina

Before heading out on any of the bike tours in western Colorado, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally. You also need to prepare by packing the fuel that your body needs to maintain the stamina levels that will help you push through the more difficult parts of your journey.

Here are 4 tips that you can use to help you:

  1. Eat slow-release foods, such as pasta, rye bread, or scrambled eggs, about 2-3 hours before you start. These foods aren’t digested quickly enough to convert them into the energy that you need while you’re on your ride. Eating them several hours before your ride will ensure that you get the energy from them when you’re ready to start.
  2. Choose dried fruit, drinks, gels, or energy bars with a 4:1 ratio of grams of energy to protein. By doing this, you’ll get the protein that you need to repair your muscles, restore your energy levels, and rebuild your glycogen stores for your ride.
  3. Look for liquid glucose to help you get the constant fueling that you need, and consider a sports drink to help you restore electrolytes and avoid dehydration.
  4. After the ride, you need to eat recovery foods that have high G1 carbs and protein. Try eating corn flakes or rice crispy cereal with milk. You could also have a balanced dinner of salmon, broccoli, and a sweet potato.

Find your next tour by visitng Cycle of Life Tour Locations. Before you go, remember that it’s important to pack foods that will help replenish your energy and keep your body fueled for the journey. While training, you can figure out which foods you like and how often you should be consuming them in order to keep your energy levels high.

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