Interview by The Outspoken Cyclist

From The Outspoken Cyclist – Feb 22,2020 Podcast

As part of our 2020 marketing campaign, we have decided to include new formats to our marketing and advertising agenda. Being new to the podcast format, I must say I was a little nervous. But Diane Jenks, of The Outspoken Cyclist, made me feel very comfortable with her easy-going, no-pressure conversations.

This morning, Diane interviewed 2 women business owners in the bicycle industry. One being myself, Elli Sias, from Cycle of Life Adventures, and Brenna Wrye, a female bicycle mechanic and pro cyclist.

It was truly a delight to chat with her. Diane fully understands the cycling business and the importance of running her own business, HubBub. Her company manufactures and distributes helmet-mount cycling mirrors.

Enjoy this podcast and many other cycling-related interviews by clicking the link:

Live broadcasts are available every Saturday morning at 7:30 AM on WJCU 88.7FM, in northeastern Ohio.

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