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Bicycle Tours

Florida's First Coast-St. Augustine Bike Tour

Come join us as we head to the historic First Coast of Florida in Dec and February. There are so many things to enjoy in this area of FL. Like, tons of history in the heart of St Augustine, great flat roads for early season riding, upscale resorts for a little pampering, and some “Me time” ...

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Dates: Dec 6, 2020 and Feb 3, Feb 10, 2021

Distance: 237 miles

Cost: $2995

Rider Level: Recreational - Intermediate

Florida Keys-Everglades-Gulf Coast Bike Tour

White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and warm ocean tailwinds make The Florida Keys, Everglades National Park and the Gulf Coast towns of Sanibel, Ft. Myers and Bonita Springs make the ideal place to kick back and enjoy a laid-back Winter bike tour getaway. Join us this Winter for this luxury style tour and ...

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Dates: Jan 10-16, Jan 17-23, 2021

Distance: up to 275 miles

Cost: $3745

Rider Level: Recreational- Active

Florida "Fundo" Bike Tour

Central Florida is our latest offering for a cycling Fundo or Staycations. The area we have chosen offers a nice variety of landscape that you wouldn’t normally associate as typical Florida. This four day tour will ride out of the small town of Inverness each day. Common to the area are horse Farms, citrus ...

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Dates: Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2021

Distance: 28-60 daily

Cost: $595

Rider Level: All levels

Cross Country | Southern Tier Bike Tour

The 2021 dates are: Feb 27-Apr 14, 2021.  Full. Join the wait list
We have chosen the Southern Tier of the US from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL. Why this route?....  This is the shortest route from coast to coast at 2885 miles, yet you'll still have bragging rights of cycling ...

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Dates: Feb 27-Apr 14, 2021

Distance: 2885 +miles

Cost: $13,100 pp double

Rider Level: Active to Advanced

Arizona "Fundo" Bike Tour

Tucson, AZ is the perfect warm spot to get in shape for your cycling season. Whether you are out for training or ...

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Dates: March 5-9, 2021

Distance: Up to 255 miles with daily ranges of 35-67 miles

Cost: $595

Rider Level: Tailored for all levels

Natchez Trace Bike Tour

Biking the Natchez Trace is a cyclist's dream come true, and why we do it four times a year. The roads are in fabulous condition and only the northern end has any hills to speak of. The distances are modest and although there are a few days where the mileage may seem overwhelming, the support van is ...

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Dates: Apr 18-25, 26-May 4 & May 11-18, Oct 2-9, 10-17, 24-31 2021

Distance: 482 miles, elevation 17,181

Cost: $2895

Rider Level: Tailored to intermediate

"Fundo" | STAYCATIONS Bike Tours

A “FUNDO” is our idea of a casual, fun and inexpensive tour geared to cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels. This tour format is perfect for the independent traveler who doesn't mind taking on some of the planning responsibilities. You will be booking your own rooms, planning most of your own meals ...

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Dates: Various Dates

Distance: Rider's Option

Cost: $595

Rider Level: All Levels

Texas Hill Country "Fundo" Bike Tour

This 4 day riding and social event will be designed for rider levels from Recreational to Advanced.
So, what is so special about our Texas FUNDO?  It is FUN. This is not a race or a timed event, but just a time for great riding, fun activities, good wine, plentiful food, and great company with other ...

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Dates: Mar 12-16, 2021

Distance: 15-67 miles daily

Cost: $595

Rider Level: All levels

New Orleans | Big Easy Bike Tour

There is a crazy, yet relaxing atmosphere to “The Big Easy” every Spring. New Orleans buzzes with a variety of activities and excitement ranging from Mardi Gras, Jazz and Zydeco Festivals, Cajun Food Fests, wonderful warm weather and a unique cycling tour offered only by Cycle of Life ...

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Dates: Mar 26-Apr 1, 2021

Distance: Up to 240 miles

Cost: $2880

Rider Level: Recreational-Intermediate

Maryland's Eastern Shore Bike Tour

Chances are when you think of the Eastern Shore, what comes to mind are crabs, sailing and wedding crashers. There is much more to these sister towns across the Chesapeake than you could possibly imagine. Once you cross over the Bay Bridge, you escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and suburbs of Baltimore ...

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Dates: Apr 18-23 & Nov 6-11, 2021

Distance: 25-70 miles per day

Cost: $3195

Rider Level: Intermediate

Natchez Challenge-Race The Trace Bike Tour

Race the Trace- Challenge yourself to ride the 444 mile Natchez Trace in just five days.  Increasing numbers of cyclists are looking for Fall and Spring training options. The Trace Challenge will focus as a training ride for the intermediate to advanced rider. Each day will bring on mileages from 82 ...

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Dates: Nov 15-20, 2020 & May 4-9, 2021

Distance: 477 miles

Cost: $1900pp, Groups $1750pp

Rider Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Outer Banks Bike Tour

The Outer Banks of North Carolina offers perfect cycling conditions along hundreds of miles of undeveloped seashore, fresh gourmet seafood, beach-combing and plenty of relaxation. Our ride winds through the marshlands, where we will see an abundance of bird life in the creeks and grasses. We will be bordered on the ...

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Dates: May 7-13, 2021

Distance: up to 246 miles, 12-60 daily

Cost: $2695

Rider Level: Recreational -Active

Epic Appalachians Bike Tour

An Exclusive challenge offered only by Cycle of Life Adventures!
OUR 2021 TOUR  IS BETTER THAN EVER. Upgraded accommodations, tours in Gettysburg, Norman Rockwell Museum, the Biltmore and more time to chill in Asheville.  Follow  us on Facebook.
In 2020, we reintroduced ...

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Dates: May 30-Jun 26, 2021

Distance: Approx 1300 miles total

Cost: $11,200

Rider Level: Intermediate- Advanced

Kentucky "Fundo" Bike Tour

This 4 day Kentucky cycling and social event is designed for rider levels from recreational to advanced. The design of this tour keeps us in north Lexington, KY for all four nights. There will be one low cost of $595 per person for up to four days of riding and included activities and ...

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Dates: May 28- Jun 1, 2021

Distance: 250 + miles

Cost: $595

Rider Level: All levels

Skyline Dr | Blue Ridge Pkwy Bike Tour

Skyline Dr and the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) are two of the iconic National Parks in the US. They cover a distance of 574 miles, and all the climbing you will ever want, 59K+ ft, and still be in the USA. Do know there is very little of flat on these parkways. The road surfaces are good, there are no commercial ...

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Dates: Jun 14-28, 2021

Distance: Daily ranges of 35-81 miles

Cost: $5990

Rider Level: Intermediate- Advanced

North Carolina High Country Bike Tour

Exhilarating road biking, spectacular mountain views, small town charm and exquisite dining await you in the remote, northwest corner of the Tarheel State. Your cycling covers the rural counties of Watuga, Avery, Ashe and Mitchell. You'll bike the famous Blue Ridge parkway and catch ...

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Dates: June 18-24 & Sep 11-17, 2021

Distance: 272+- miles total

Cost: $3045

Rider Level: Active - Advanced

Blue Ridge Multi-sport Fundo

While most of the country is sweltering in 90 degree temperatures in July, Aug and Sep.The Blue Ridge Mountain range offers a great relief. Cool temperatures, and lush green forests for hiking, smooth surface roads for cycling and mountain creeks and rivers for fishing and Kayaking are an abundance.

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Dates: Jul 9-13, 2021

Distance: Average 40 miles if biking daily

Cost: $595-$1995

Rider Level: Intermediate

Epic Colorado Bike Tour

Adventurous Cycling Trips in Colorado - Create an "EPIC" ride!

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Dates: July 10-27, 2021

Distance: Total miles & elevation TBD

Cost: $595-$3095 per wk $7800 for entire tour

Rider Level: Advanced

CO National Monument, Wine Country Bike Tour

During the course of this trip, we will tour the agricultural regions of western Colorado, climb the Grand Mesa, overnight in Crested Butte, enjoy the vistas from the plateaus of The Colorado Monument and bike the Glenwood Canyon Trail.
Colorado National Monument, Wine Country Bike Tour details: ...

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Dates: July 10-17, 2021

Distance: up to 370 miles, 35-103 daily, elevation 25,781

Cost: $3195

Rider Level: Active-Advanced

Colorado-Aspen High Country Bike Tour

Maroon Bells Scenic Area, you can explore a glacial valley surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks, view vast fields of wildflowers, and be close to nature. Mirrored in Maroon Lake, the Maroon Bells tower like massive sentinels over the valley. The Maroon Bells are the most photographed peaks in all of North ...

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Dates: July 17-23, 2021

Distance: 250 miles, 30-77 daily and elevation of 21,177 ft

Cost: $2895

Rider Level: Active-Advanced

Colorado "Fundo" Bike Tour

This 4 day riding and social event will be designed for rider levels from Recreational to Advanced. The design of this tour keeps us in Frisco for all four nights. There will be one low cost of $595  per person for up to four days of riding. You will have all maps and gps routing, van support ...

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Dates: July 23-27, 2021

Distance: Up to 220 miles

Cost: $595

Rider Level: All levels

Shenandoah and the Virginias Bike Tour

In 2017, while on the West Virginia-"Wild and Wonderful " tour, we fell in love with the area and the neighboring mountains of Virginia.  In 2019, decided this is ideal riding in these two states. With a name like "Wild and Wonderful "and "VA is for Lovers" you can't go wrong. These two states are packed with ...

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Dates: July 30- Aug 5, 2021

Distance: 27-90 miles daily

Cost: $2895

Rider Level: Active - Advanced

West Virginia "Fundo" Bike Tour

 "Wild and Wonderful "is the state slogan. "The Mountain State" is the nickname. There is an energy and tranquility in WV you are not likely to find in any other state. WV is packed with history, heritage, adventure and good ole southern hospitality which will create a memorable cycling ...

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Dates: Aug 6-10, 2021

Distance: Up to 250 miles

Cost: $595

Rider Level: Two ride options daily

Blue Ridge Pkwy | Skyline Dr. Bike Tour

A Bike tour done exclusively by Cycle Of Life Adventures. 
The Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia may not be as big and mighty as the US and Canadian Rockies, but ...

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Dates: Sep 19-Oct 1, 2021

Distance: Up to 651 miles, with daily range of 35-81 miles, elevation 58,905 ft

Cost: $4200

Rider Level: Advanced, van support available

Coastal Maine Bike Tour

 "Bold Coast" of Maine is a bicycle tour that we are very excited to feature as a scheduled tour for first time in Summer of 2020. 
This tour is not like any of the other cycling tours found in coastal Maine, where the only location you cycle is Bar Harbor. We actually start just our first and ...

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Dates: Aug 15-22, 2021

Distance: 31-60 miles Daily

Cost: $3595

Rider Level: Recreational- Intermediate

Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont is a tiny state packed with mountains, history, charm, covered bridges, and wonderful fall colors.  The late summers are equally as beautiful as the Fall ,only with lush green mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers, crisp mornings and brilliant sunny days. We will cycle by more than a dozen of ...

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Dates: Aug 15-21, 2021

Distance: 40-62 miles daily

Cost: $3195

Rider Level: All levels

Mississippi River Bicycle Tour

When you tip-toe through the humble origin near Lake Itasca, you will never believe this trickle of water will be the “Mighty Mississippi” emptying into the Gulf of Mexico some 2552 miles downstream.
Your cycling journey will take you from the headwaters of the Mississippi along the borders of ...

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Dates: Late Aug - Late Sep, 2021

Distance: 2150 miles

Cost: $11,800

Rider Level: Intermediate- Advanced

Asheville "Fundo" Bike Tour

This 4 day riding and social event will be designed for rider levels from Recreational to Advanced. The design of this tour keeps us in Asheville for all four nights. There will be one low cost of $595 per person for up to four days of riding. You will have all maps and gps routing, van ...

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Dates: Sep 11-15, 2020

Distance: 18-75 daily mileage

Cost: $595 per person

Rider Level: All Levels

Kentucky Bluegrass & Bourbon Bike Tour

Lexington, Kentucky is known as the "Horse Capital of the World" and the center of Bluegrass country. ...

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Dates: Sep 27-Oct 3, 2020

Distance: 332 miles and 16,663 ft of elevation

Cost: $2695

Rider Level: Recreational - Active

Charleston | Savannah Bike Tour

The Low counrty of South Carolina and Georgia are known for their fabulous seafood and southern cuisine. This delightful Epicurean Tour is sure to please.  You will need a good day of riding and activity after an evening dining in Charleston, Beaufort or Savannah. Charleston alone boasts 600 plus eateries. The ...

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Dates: Apr 8-14, 2021

Distance: up to 225 miles, 15-60 daily

Cost: $3195

Rider Level: Recreational

British Virgin Islands, Sailing Adventure

British Virgin Islands, an experience of a life time!  The perfect Getaway! The British Virgin Islands are one of the world's premiere sailing destinations. These tiny Caribbean islands offer pristine beaches, predictable weather and boat accessible only tourist sites. Our boat ...

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Dates: Nov 21, 2021

Distance: Varies

Cost: $5400 per cabin of 1 or 2

Rider Level: All Levels

Arizona Staycation Bike Tour

NEW FOR 2020!
This delightful late season cycling tour allows our guests the ultimate in flexibility and self planning at a time of the year when Arizona offers beautiful 80 degree fall temperatures. The cacti are beautiful year round and the winter vacationers have not yet arrived. You may wish to stay on ...

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Dates: Oct 23-27 and Oct 30-Nov 3, 2020

Distance: 18-60 miles daily

Cost: $595

Rider Level: Intermediate

GAP | C&O Canal Bike Tour

Great Alleghany Passage (GAP) and Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal path gravel adventure
The GAP/C&O are two of the premier gravel route bike tours in the USA, showing off our Rails-to-trails system, traveling from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC. These two combine for 335 miles of great ...

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Dates: Sep 20-26, 2020 Canceled

Distance: 332 Miles

Cost: $2495

Rider Level: Recreational- Intermediate

Custom Bike Tour| Blue Ridge- Asheville, NC

Custom Dates Available April-Sept 2020 or join our Fundo ( 4day/4 nights)
Tour Costs -All Inclusive $2096 (includes all lodging, breakfasts and dinners, picnic lunches, van support transfers, leaders, maps and narratives. ...

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Dates: Available Apr - Sept for private groups

Distance: 235-287 +- Miles, 18-102 daily

Cost: $525 - $2096

Rider Level: Active- Advanced