Rider Levels

Rider Levels

Description of our Rider Levels

Getting the most enjoyment out of our adventure tours starts with finding your comfort level. Whether you cruise the beach or climb the Continental Divide, we have a ride that will fit you. Our color-coded icons will help you find the cycling adventure that fits your ability level and challenges you. Remember, we have a comfortable support vehicle that follows all of our tour groups. We have 3 ability levels to consider plus “All Rider Levels” on specific tours where you may choose a specific level at which to ride, and then guides will lead selected level groups.

Most of our adventures can be customized or provide options for all levels. Please call our office to discuss your comfort level.

My Rider Ability and Style is: Riding on a regular basis for fun, fitness or commuting to work. I enjoy cruising flat routes at a brisk pace, rolling terrain or the challenge of reaching the top of a short mountain. I have ridden with a local bike group or I feel comfortable riding in light to moderate traffic. I enjoy stopping for sightseeing, snacks or extra activities. I can ride 15-40 miles, and believe I could ride further with group support.

My Rider Ability and Style is: Riding for activity and fitness is an integral part of my life. I ride on a regular basis, 3 or more times per week. I enjoy riding for 2 or more hrs and enjoy the workout. I enjoy: All terrain, small mountain passes of about 3000 ft of climbing. I handle my bike safely on descents with speed. I can ride: 40 miles on average and up to 60 or 70 on longer days. I can ride safely in moderate traffic and I’m comfortable at elevations of 8,000 feet above sea level.

My Rider Ability and Style is: Riding an average of 75-100 or more miles per week. I like a faster pace and the physical training of the ride. I enjoy: mountain passes, big hills, or steep descents. I’m comfortable climbing 5,000 ft in a day and perhaps up to 7,000 on a difficult day. I can ride: 60 miles on average, up to 100 on a long day and do this for 5-7 days straight on a tour. I’m comfortable in heavier traffi, in a more populated area. I’m comfortable making bicycle repairs if I get separated from the group.

My Ride Ability and Style is: I am fit and active and enjoy the company of a group of active people. I enjoy: A challenge, riding in a small group or by myself and at my pace whether it is faster or slower than other riders. I enjoy additional activities or side trips along with the daily ride. I can ride: 40 miles or more, and I would be comfortable asking for van support on a difficult day. I’m comfortable in heavy traffic when traveling a more populated area.

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