Top 5 Things to Have on a Long Bike Trip
Top 5 Things to Have on a Long Bike Trip

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Top 5 Things to Have on a Long Bike Trip

For the adventurers out there about to embark on a fun bike tour in the Outer Banks, there are many important things for you to pack for the trip. The list could go on and on, but we’ve come up with our top 5 necessary items for your trip.


It probably seems silly, but a bike is the first thing you need. We’re not talking about a garage sale special, either. Spend a little money either renting or buying a quality bike that will hold up to the stress of a long haul.


We hope this goes without saying, but a helmet is essential. When you’re biking on the road, you never know what might happen. You’ll be tired, there will be cars whizzing by, and who knows what other adventures. A helmet is a must to keep you safe.


If you’re going on a biking adventure, you must have a camera to document your spandex-covered self in front of beautiful vistas! You will not regret capturing memories of the trek from scenic areas to the sweat of the biking. Capture all of it and remember it forever.

Cell Phone

Next up is the cell phone. Having a cell phone is great for many reasons. You can stay in contact with friends and family along the trip. You can have a GPS or maps when you need them. You can also enjoy music, taking pictures, and more. Best of all, you have a communication channel if something goes wrong. It’s not only fun, but a great safety net too.

Riding Shorts

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or not, it’s important to wear the right shorts. Spending a lot of time each day on a bicycle seat is not the comfiest and it can lead to chafing. Spandex cycling shorts with a seat cushion are often the best choice. If you fear showing your curves, you can always wear some lightweight athletic shorts over the top on your bike tour in Outerbanks. Ride on bike on the beach. Sport and active life concept

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