Travel Insurance … A Must for Active Vacations
Travel Insurance … A Must for Active Vacations

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Travel Insurance … A Must for Active Vacations

The dream of an active vacation is exciting and wonderfully invigorating for the body and soul. But, wait, there is a tad more planning and thought that goes into an active vacation, especially a cycling vacation.

Along with getting yourself to and from the starting point of your cycling holiday, you may have specialized cycling gear, clothing and that all-important comfortable bicycle that fits you just right.

And, then there is that dreaded thought of an accident or incident while on the tour, creating the possibility of health and injury issues that may occur before the tour even starts. These issues could be for yourself or possibly family members back home. In any case, this can be very stressful on you physically, mentally and financially.

Keep in mind that all tour companies’ refund policies vary. Some offer only a small or no refund at all. There are many very good travel insurance providers available. Shop around, ask questions, then ask more questions.

We offer a few questions as a guideline:

  • If I need to depart a trip for any reason, am I covered? What documentation will I need?
  • If I get injured before a tour starts, is my non-refundable tour cost covered?
  • Am I covered for airline cancellations, hotel cancellations or natural disasters?
  • What coverage do I have while on tour? Travel cost, injury, air flights, personal loss, theft?

No matter what tour company you choose for your active vacation, ask them for advice about travel insurance. Here at Cycle of Life Adventures, we have a few companies that our customers have used regularly. Rest assured that we have no financial vested interest, but truly care about your peace of mind while on vacation with us.

You may want to check Frommer’s 10 Questions to ask about Travel Insurance Try one of our recommendations. Both companies are rated in the top ten in the travel insurance industry.

Happy Traveling!

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