What Makes Vermont’s Covered Bridges So Special?
What Makes Vermont’s Covered Bridges So Special?

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What Makes Vermont’s Covered Bridges So Special?

When it comes to vacations, most people want a little action, some relaxation, and a little romance. While staying at resorts is always a nice getaway, we usually like something a little more exciting and a little more involved which is why we are proud to offer bike tours in Vermont! These scenic bike tours are an excellent way to see the state’s most beautiful areas, most historical landmarks, and of course, it’s undeniably romantic covered bridges.

A History Mystery

Between the states of Vermont and New Hampshire, there are about 168 historical covered bridges, and we pride ourselves in taking our clients right through 40 of them. When it comes to identifying an authentic covered bridge, be sure to look at the construction, not just the date. True covered bridges are built with trusses instead of more modern methods. As far as why the early citizens of Vermont decided to cover their bridges, no one really knows. Some people think it was an attempt to protect the trusses from the elements, while others think it was to prevent the horses from being spooked by water below. As a guest on our tour, you’ll have all the opportunities you could possibly want to form your own theories about why Vermont’s bridges come with covers.

A History of Personalities

Besides being unique landmarks, covered bridges in Vermont come with their very own personalities and names, such as Henry, Chamberlin, and Warren. Each of these bridges have been documented, and their truss types noted. For those interested in architecture, there are lists of the bridges available, many of which include what type of trusses they have. Some examples of common trusses are queen’s post, king’s post, and town lattice. Each of these trusses adds a special feeling and characteristic to the bridges that makes them an individual.

A Disappearing History

Unfortunately, another reason these bridges are so special is that they are an endangered species. Erected sometime between 1820 and the early 1900’s, many of these bridges have succumbed to weather, pests, and fire. After the loss of almost 400 of these historic landmarks, our company is proud to offer a tour of the great survivors.

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