What to Expect from Our Scenic Tours
What to Expect from Our Scenic Tours

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What to Expect from Our Scenic Tours

Cycle of Life Adventures | Bike at SunsetHave you dreamed about exploring exciting new places from your bike, but are afraid you won’t be up to the challenge? The good news is that no matter what your skill level is, you can find a tour that’s just right for you at Cycle of Life Adventures.

With experienced guides along at all times to support you, you can find bike tours ranging from several days to several weeks in a wide variety of locations and terrains. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right tour for you.

Recreational Tours

Our recreational tours are designed for the casual rider that may not have a lot of experience traveling long distances or navigating challenging terrain. These tours are focused on a casual atmosphere with lots of opportunities for stopping to admire the scenery and take pictures. They typically last for just a few days, and you may only cover 15 or 20 miles each day. If this sounds like a lot to you, don’t worry! Your group will be there to support you, and you’ll probably find it’s not as intimidating as it sounds.

For our recreational tours, we avoid steep mountainous routes, but there is still plenty of scenery to enjoy. You may ride along a beach, through a desert, or next to a mountain range. There may be some hills to climb, but nothing too technical. You may encounter light traffic, but you shouldn’t have to worry about too much congestion on the roads. These tours are great for beginners or families who want to share a unique experience together.

Active Tours

Active tours are designed for those who make biking a regular part of their lives and want a more challenging ride. Our active tours include more varied terrain and longer tours: you may ride an average of 40 miles each day for 6 or 7 days. On longer days, you may cover as many as 80 miles. These tours are physically challenging, but they are well within the capabilities of an experienced rider.

If it’s been some time since you’ve been on a bike, you may want to brush up your skills in preparation for your trip. In the month leading up to your trip, go for a bike ride at least 2 or 3 times each week, with each ride lasting at least an hour. Gradually work up to longer distances and more frequent rides until you can cover 20 or 30 miles with ease. Take the extra time you have on a daily basis to practice riding for long distances. Most of our active tours involve climbs in elevation of several thousand feet, so make sure you can control your bike whether it means going down or uphill for long periods of time.

Advanced Tours

For serious riders, our advanced tours are the ultimate challenge. These tours are for those who ride 100 or more miles each week and are comfortable riding more than 80 miles a day. Advanced bikers should be comfortable making steep ascents and descents with between 5,000 and 10,000 feet of climbing in a day. You should also be able to ride in heavy traffic and perform basic bicycle repairs on your own.

Our advanced tours cover some of the most stunning scenery in the country. You will encounter extremely technical terrain that requires great control over your bicycle at all times. These trails are not for the faint of heart–this tour is a grueling ride that will push you to your limits, but it will also be incredibly rewarding and is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

All Level Riders

At Cycle of Life Adventures, many of our tours are designed to accommodate all levels of riders. These tours include guides for all different levels of riding–from recreational to advanced. At each stop, you can decide which tour you want to take. If you’re still tired from the day before, you can try a shorter ride the next day. Or, if you think you’re ready for more of a challenge after your first ride, you can try a more technical trail on day 2. These tours are the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your skills and push your limits with the support of your tour leader.

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