Why You’ll Love Cycling the Outer Banks of North Carolina
Why You’ll Love Cycling the Outer Banks of North Carolina

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Why You’ll Love Cycling the Outer Banks of North Carolina

For bicycle enthusiasts, there are many beautiful and exciting settings around the country to explore. One such area that we recommend is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Before a bike tour in Outerbanks, find out what makes this spot ideal for a biking adventure.

The Outer Banks are a group of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland. This historic group of islands has a lot to offer in terms of history, beauty, and adventure.

History of the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks boast a rich history for a group of small islands. For example, more than 30 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, a group of 117 people established the first permanent settlement of its kind in the Americas. This was on historic Roanoke Island in July 1587. The occupants of this settlement eventually vanished and it became known as the lost colony.

There are also around 3,000 shipwrecks on the ocean floor from Kitty Hawk south to Ocracoke. These islands are also famous for the Wright Brothers National Memorial. It was here that the Wright brothers came to conduct their experiments with flying contraptions until they finally succeeded in 1903.

Cycling the Outer Banks

Beauty and Adventures

If you’re considering a bike tour in Outerbanks, then you’ll be persuaded by its natural beauty. There are dozens of open-sea beaches and state parks.

The islands are connected by a series of bridges that are ideal for biking across. Each island boasts towns filled with exciting shops and restaurants. For the adventurers, you can find windsurfing, fishing, kiteboarding, and off-roading. Scuba diving is a must in the Outer Banks. With thousands of shipwrecks, this area has been named the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Lighthouses dot the shoreline to guide and protect ships that are still twisted by epic storms. In the Outer Banks, you can also go bird watching and possibly even see some of the wild horses that roam the island brought over from Europe by Spanish explorers.

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